Don’t Expect this to be Perfect

 ☮ – Don’t expect this to be perfect….

☮ – If you’re reading this to find perfection, you must realize that I’m only Human.

☮ – If you disagree with the words of reason, then understand that they are just These Words that I Feel.

☮ – If you are down, then you must rise up and Carry On.

☮ – If you are hurt, then wake up, smell the roses, and hope that The Rain Should Ease the Pain.

☮ – And if you should feel that everything is wrong, stand up for ultimate freedom and see that there must be a Rebellion Before a Renaissance.

☮ – ….For these examples are only a taste, and I hope that you take the time to read all of them.  Though most of these poems begin and end on a negative exhale of breath, they still mean Something Deeper than the usual “sell-out” material.  Lastly, I hope that you can relate to the words because I would like for balance, unison in all faiths, and happiness to be present in your life.  🙂

☮ – P.S. – Please realize that the not-so-happy things can be released onto the sheets of tree….

Peace means equilibrium,


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