Instantaneous Collages During May

Instantaneous Collages During May

Instantaneous Collages During May

It’s the end of my year.
The only completion I’ve ever known.
When friends and mates part ways annually….
And sometimes re-kindle their bonds amongst orange brush.
Though my eyes recount instances of longing….
For hours by fires when I and they couldn’t remember names.
My condolences go towards trees that witnessed our lack of short-term memory
While babies collect photographs just in time for dust storms
Instantaneous collages during May….
Medicate my anxiety and remind me of appreciation.
Through grey constellation’s that document woman-ful and less days.
Why am I in despair at noon?
When the Sun hugs our highest seat on Earth
Maybe citizens’ smiles turn my human qualities away?
No friend knows the answer; not even Jehovah Rophe.
Instantaneous collages during May….
Gladly given to me by psychological dolphins that provide hope
For times when all loved ones are in disarray….
And hours by fires when no one remembers anyone’s name.
Can humans really live in harmony, move forward, and keep prior connections simultaneously?
Do mere girls become ladies as boxwood’s blossom?
For years through reproduction; a rebel to a dancing queen?
Instantaneous collages during May….
Convey images of those that run away.
Graffiti galore for creators who need to say….
That evolution always evolves, and visuals prevent histories decay.

Robert Alexander Deason          Peace

© All Rights Reserved!/RADsPeace

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