These Words that I Feel

These Words that I Feel          These Words that I Feel

A thousand miles of hard trail
With green and gray beauty all around
Have brought me to a bare time this season
While I try to express these words that I feel

All words are the same
Each one being related to the next one
And I know that a variety creates the flow.
But my words are unique….
Because their straight from my heart, and sense of being

So let’s talk about an arrow
Perfect, and created to be sharp and narrow
Because I feel like I’ve been pierced
With one that left me with an absence for words
Especially for the ones that I’ve felt the longest

With the presence of this arrow
Comes an everlasting sea
Which is what I will travel along….
Until these words can make more words
That can actually show how I really feel

A hard trail with an equivalence of a thousand miles
Has brought me into a season of bare times
And each mile containing its own green and grey beauty….
Hasn’t given me a chance to express, these words that I feel

Robert Alexander Deason          Peace

© All Rights Reserved!/RADsPeace

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