Silence is Soothing

          Silence is Soothing

As I ponder over lost knowledge
I regret that I’m unable to change timelines.
And I begin to realize that we are all left behind.
Progress is unavoidable, strong infrastructure is a necessity,
Because roads literally pave the way.
Read for knowledge.
Keep the peace.
Silence is soothing.

Two weeks later.
As I sit in Lonely Room’s Corner
I begin to gaze upon a beautiful realm.
Filled with books, letters, nooks, and ….
All is quiet.
It is a marvelous sound, that which is none.
These people thrive on accelerating, progressing, and becoming individuals.
But, the man seeks to destroy.
Dream a dream, fuck an involuntary nightmare.
Silence is soothing.

Next day, dreaming on a stage
Lilies on my head, roses at my feet
Their praises are heard on high!
Why?  What have I done?
Not a damn thing.  Yet.
Waiting for the call.  Waiting for the step.
Stop talking.  Start doing.
Silence is soothing.

Dillon let me tell you a story.
We are alike, and we are different.
Same day, same day, birth and death.
Light and dark, wound and breath.
We gotta love one another.
We have to mend the remaining ties.
I know, but silence is soothing.

Wall Street!  Wall Street!
Here my name!
Listen to the people, who are ashamed!
Lilies on my head, roses at my feet.
Standup you bastards!
Withdraw from your seats!
Save me!  Save me Jim!
As you look down from above!
Please, prescribe my insanity!
Don’t forget the love!

Silence, is soothing.
It is temporary, but always.
Fuck an involuntary nightmare.
Fuck the GOP.
Give me security, or give me death!
Let me tell you a story, about the lonely, impregnated prostitute, whom sold her own body, and crystal meth.

Robert Alexander Deason          Peace

© All Rights Reserved!/RADsPeace

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