Rebellion Before a Renaissance

          Rebellion Before a Renaissance

Identical representation is the abstract art piece.
Perfection is the color of constructive criticism.
Corruption has claimed ownership of all humankind.
And the nature of releasing creative emotion . . . .
Has been replaced by what’s popular, and what makes profit.

Sound refuses to travel in its natural state.
Writing consistent rhymes repetitively . . . .
Stands as nothing towards the beats and sounds of the modern day.
And the bad weighs out the good, and the bad.

Rebellion is the key.
A peaceful, anarchic lifestyle is necessary . . . .
In order to reset the balance.
And all willing idealists must unite . . . .
As our ancestors did, two scores and two years ago.

Then, a new day will dawn . . . .
When colors represent freedom.
Not humanity’s faults, and nationalism’s bullshit.
A renaissance, maybe?
It’s what we need.
And it’s what we will get, if we rebel before an enlightening age.
As humans have for ancient ages.

Robert Alexander Deason      Peace

© All Rights Reserved!/RADsPeace

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