Abstraction and Normality

Abstraction and Normality          Abstraction and Normality

Infinite structures arise
A basis for normality deconstructs
Once upon a rhyme on the Rhine….
In Disarray a ray so fine
-aly came and rocked the bush
of united roses in time for lush
blooms to remember clammy-to-swollen palms.
Clammy-to-swollen palms….while voice mails played and listeners yawned.
Clammy-to-swollen palms….embrace what you have until it’s gone.
In the heat of the air
A ray awaits a chance to redeem…..
The bridge between fair and unfair
And what it means to go home hungry;
Everything’s not what it seems.
I remember a morning by the swing
In the flowery trees and ghosts’ dream
Rotten memories alone; and souls tearing
Trying to build a new scene in honor of thee.
Clammy-to-swollen palms….embrace what you have until it’s gone.
But the street’s crack is my scar
And neighbor’s cries are my shield from what is haunting.
Never let go of ones who care;
Those wounds swell inside easily.
Clammy-to-swollen palms in Disarray
All days alone, between abstraction and normality.

Robert Alexander Deason          Peace

© All Rights Reserved


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